Claims Process

  1. If your vehicle suffers a mechanical or electrical breakdown, please check your documentation to ascertain if it will be covered under the terms and conditions.
  2. Please arrange for your vehicle to be taken to one of our approved network of repairers using our repairer locator below.
  3. The repairer will assess what is wrong and contact us.
  4. Any diagnostic costs would need to be paid by you first
  5. If the work is part of an authorised claim we will authorise for the repair to commence.
  6. We will confirm our decision in writing via email
  7. If it is not part of an authorised claim, the repairer will inform you and you can continue to get them to do the work, or you can go to a different repairer of your choice.

Please note that any repairs carried out without prior authorisation will not be reimbursed.

If you are not happy with our decision, please refer to your documentation for reference and which outlines the complaints procedure if required.